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  • Wayal NMN5G™




    Dietary Supplement

    • Cellular Rejuvenation1
    • Increased Mitochondria Functionality1

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    30 Vegetarian Capsules (300mg each)

    Suggested Use

    Adults: Take one (1) capsule daily as a dietary supplement or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Supplement Facts

    Wayal NMN5G Formula

    N-Acetyl Cysteine

    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

    L-Carnitine Fumarate







    Before taking any dietary supplement, children under the age of 15, pregnant or lactating women, and patients taking anticoagulant drugs (warfarin) should first consult with a physician or healthcare professional.


    Store in a dry area, between 15°-30°C (59°-86°F).

    The lid should be tightly closed.

    Free of:

    Milk or milk by-products, egg or egg by-products, fish or fish by-products, shellfish or shellfish by-products, tree nuts, wheat or wheat by-products, peanut or peanut by-products and soybean and soybean by-products

    Other Ingredients

    Hypromellose, rice flour and L-Leucine

    NMN (beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) C11H15N2O8P 334.2192 g/mol

    NMN is naturally found in various types of food such as broccoli, cabbage, avocado, and tomato. This includes raw beef, which has 0.6~4.2 mg of NMN/Kg.

    NMN is converted to NAD+ which affects the hypothalamus, adjusts functions of mitochondria, and signals response proteins that provide support for cells, blood vessels, nerves, skeletal muscles, and organs. However, NAD+ cannot travel through the GI tract and blood brain barrier (BBB), so taking NMN is the best way to boost NAD+. NMN is now related to more than 1,100 published medical papers. More than 150 medical research papers are focused on therapy using NMN and Sirtuins, including world-leading journals such as Cells (Impact Factor:38.637 in 2019), Science (IF:41.845 in 2019) and Nature (IF:42.778 in 2019).

    Mechanism of action

    NMN ➔ NAD+ ➔ Sirtuin 1-7

    ➔ DNA Repair + Stem Cell activation + Telomere Maintenance + Mitochondria Function Increase + Autophagy Increase + Immune Modulation Increase + Infertility Reduction

    ➔ Longevity + Reduced Rate of Aging + Rejuvenation


    • Brain and Nervous System, sensory and motor function
    • Liver, gluconeogenesis and fatty acid oxidation
    • Vasculature, endothelial function
    • Heart, cardioprotection
    • Lymphoid System, immunity and anti-inflammatory
    • Reproductive Organs, fertility
    • Kidney, renoprotection
    • Pancreas, insulin secretion
    • Muscle, insulin sensitivity and fatty acid oxidation
    • Adipose Tissue, lipogensis

    Recent Published Researches:

    • Mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence and aging using Sirtuins,
    • Free radicals, ROS, environmental stress, mitochondria and Sirtuins,
    • DNA repair, inhibit leukemia through Sirtuin-2 and P53 pathway
    • DNA repair, metabolism and anti-aging through Sirtuin-6
    • Protection from DNA damage, telomere dysfunction and senescence by Sirtuin-6
    • DNA repair, telomere maintenance and glucose and lipid metabolism, thus diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer by Sirtuin-6
    • Cancer, cardiovascular disease and longevity control by Sirtuin-6
    • Anti-cancer cell, via P73
    • Anti-tumor and anti-viral agent
    • COVID-19 pneumonia
    • Autophagy and Rejuvenating
    • Diabetes and obesity and cancer and inflammation and hepatosteatosis insulin resistance: Sirtuin-1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    • Immune deficiency and autoimmunity: Sirtuin-1,2,3,6,7
    • Cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease and kidney injury and late-fertility: Sirtuin-1,2,3,6
    • Vision loss: Sirtuin-1,2,6
    • Motor dysfunction: Sirtuin-1,3,5
    • Hearing loss: Sirtuin-1,3
    • Sarcopenia: Sirtuin-1,2

    Resveratrol C14H12O3 228.25 g/mol

    Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant that reduces harmful reactive oxygen species which can lead to premature aging of cells. Resveratrol further acts by upregulating multiple endogenous antioxidant enzymes such as e.g. SOD. Recent published studies say brand resveratrol also modulates one of the Sirtuins, also called the longevity, anti-aging or rejuvenating gene.

    Numerous scientific publications, such as Diabetes Care (IF:16.019 in 2019), Cell Metabolism (IF:20.565 in 2019), show that brand resveratrol can contribute positive effects to:

    • the Cardiovascular system,
    • Neurocognitive function,
    • Blood pressure
    • Blood glucose and insulin activity

    And can also:

    • Induce endurance training-like effects in muscles
    • Increase fat oxidation and fat storage capacity
    • Mimic the metabolic effect of calorie restriction
    • Decrease age-associated decline of metabolic and sensory-motor coordination dysfunction

    CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) C59H90O4 863.34 g/mol

    Dr. Peter Mitchell was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1978 for his research on the role of CoQ10 in mitochondrial energy transduction and his chemiosmotic hypothesis.

    CoQ10 not only provides defense against oxidative damage to the body's cells, and macromolecules including lipids, proteins and DNA, but it also plays an essential role in cellular ATP (energy) production. The positive effects of CoQ10 are already published in world-leading medical journals, such as New England Journal of Medicine (IF:74.699 in 2019), Lancet (IF:60.392 in 2019) and Science (IF:41.845 in 2019). CoQ10 is known to prevent:

    • Mitochondrial syndromes associated with CoQ10 deficiency
    • Inflammation
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Kidney disease
    • Metabolic syndrome and diabetes
    • Neurodegenerative diseases

    It also provides aging health protection, increased fertility, and more positive effects. However more research may be needed to validate more observations.

    American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) Recommendation System:

    CoQ10 could be considered Class of Recommendation IIa, with Level of Evidence B-R (Albert E. Raizner, MD)

    L-Carnitine C7H15NO3 161.199 g/mol

    Carnitine, derived from an amino acid, is found in almost all cells of the body. Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria to be oxidized ("burned") to produce energy. Carnitine also transports the toxic compounds generated out of this cellular organelle to prevent its accumulation.

    Carnitine is very important as a prescription product for treating two types of carnitine deficiency:

    Primary carnitine deficiency is a genetic disorder of the cellular carnitine-transporter system that usually manifests itself by five years of age. Children have symptoms including skeletal-muscle weakness, cardiomyopathy, and hypoglycemia;

    Secondary carnitine deficiencies may occur due to certain disorders (such as Chronic Renal Failure) or under particular conditions (e.g., use of certain antibiotics) that reduce carnitine absorption or increase its excretion. L-carnitine achieves higher energy levels and enhances the performance of the carnitine family because of its structure, which allows it to easily enter cells. The positive effects of Carnitine are already published in world-leading medical journals, such as American Cancer Journal for Clinicians (IF:233.679 in 2019), New England Journal of Medicine (IF:74.699 in 2019), Lancet (IF:60.392 in 2019) and Nature Medicine (IF:36.130 in 2019). Carnitine has been shown to prevent:

    • Aging
    • Cancer,
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Cardiovascular and peripheral arterial disease
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • End-stage renal disease and hemodialysis
    • Male late-fertility
    • Sarcopenia and Frailty

    And increase athletic performance.

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC) C5H9NO3S 163.1951 g/mol

    NAC is a precursor to the strong biologic antioxidant glutathione (GSH), and precursor to cysteine. NAC also possesses some anti-inflammatory effects possibly by inhibiting NF-κB and modulating cytokine synthesis.

    NAC is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines as a medication and its positive effects are published in world-leading medical journals, such as, New England Journal of Medicine (IF:74.699 in 2019), Lancet (IF:60.392 in 2019). They extend to the following:

    • Liver, acetaminophen overdose
    • Lungs, cystic fibrosis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and COVID-19
    • Kidney and bladder
    • Psychiatry, mild traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, autism, drug-induced neuropathy, major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (confirmatory studies are required).

    NMN5G Formula

    To understand the role our new NMN5G plays in reducing aging and potentially increasing lifespan we first must understand the role that Sirtuins play.

    Sirtuins are a series of seven proteins that play a fundamental role in cellular health.

    Think of each of of your cells as a car. Sirtuins are the driver of your car, they control where the car goes, how fast or slow it goes, when to start when to stop.

    Since the role of Sirtuins in cellular health is relatively new science, researchers believed that taking a product like resveratrol which stimulate Sirtuin response is enough to power the cell to live longer in the body.

    However they were forgetting one thing. Fuel. But not fuel as we think of it in the form of calories that are burned in the mitochondria. Instead we need fuel for the driver. Sirtuins need NAD+ to operate. NAD+ is already circulating in our bodies and we get some from our die, but we simply cannot get enough to fuel the driver our cells, the Sirtuins.

    This is where NMN comes in. We cannot make an NAD+ supplement but we can use a nutrient that converts into NAD+ in the body. NMN is that nutrient and it significantly increases circulating NAD+ in the bloodstream. Inside cells it combines with Sirtuins to increase the efficiency and extend the lifespan of our cells. This is a giant step forward in the science of anti-aging because the longer our cells thrive, the healthier we are, and the stronger our immune systems function, the better our bodies convert food to energy, therefore the longer we live.

    We could have stopped there but we have set out to make the most advanced Anti-aging product on the market. So we added brand resveratrol to our NMN5G as brand resveratrol is the number one Sirtuin stimulator currently known.

    Resveratrol and NMN are the most advanced Anti-aging combination in the world.

    Of course, we did not stop there either.

    We have a stimulated driver (Resveratrol to enhance Sirtuins), fuel for the driver (NMN to enhance NAD+) but we also need to make sure the engines of our cells are running smoothly. In comes Coenzyme Q10. The engines of our cells are the mitochondria. The mitochondria cannot function without CoQ10. As we age our bodies become less and less efficient at making its own CoQ10. Statins and other drugs significantly reduce CoQ10 production in the body. Therefore, to make sure our cells engines are working effectively we have added CoQ10 to our NMN blend. After all, what good is a driver if the car cannot run.

    Then we added L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is a perfect complement to CoQ10 as it helps usher fat into our cells to be burned as energy. If our cells, and specifically our mitochondria, are working properly, we will increase the amount of fat we can convert to energy and our overall health and wellbeing will continue to flourish.

    Finally, we added N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).

    NAC as an extremely potent antioxidant and it also stimulates our bodies master antioxidant called glutathione. Both Glutathione and NAC do the job of protecting our cells and the nutrients that feed our cells, from free radical destruction. NAC and Glutathione block free radicals, allowing NMN, Resveratrol, CoQ10 and L-Carnitine to keep every cell in our body functioning at peak levels; Keeping our bodies healthy, our minds sharp, our immune systems strong and increasing our lifespan. This is truly the ultimate anti-aging formula one can imagine, covering every aspect in terms of cellular health.

    Our NMN5G represents the cutting edge of cellular Anti-aging technology. And when we keep our cells healthy, we live longer, healthier and happier lives!

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    The product samples shown here have been supplied by the manufacturer and reproduced in full color by PDR as a quick-reference identification aid. While much effort has been made to assure accurate reproduction, please remember that any visual identification should be considered preliminary. In cases of poisoning or suspected over dosage, the drug's identity should be verified by chemical analysis.







    Frontiers in physiology, 2018







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    The product samples shown here have been supplied by the manufacturer and reproduced in full color by PDR as a quick-reference identification aid. While every effort has been made to assure accurate reproduction, please remember that any visual identification should be considered preliminary. In cases of poisoning or suspected over dosage, the drug's identity should be verified by chemical analysis.

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